Bass taps 2017

June, 2018

Hey guys,


I’m writing this a few days prior to our annual Earl Glasshagel charity event. I would like to start by saying I’m very happy with the way the club seems to be gaining momentum with new and old members alike. It appears to me that everyone is pleased with the way things are going and there seems to be a renewed interest at the monthly meetings. I appreciate that anyone who has had an issue did not bring it up at the general meeting but rather called me personally or talked about it at a board meeting, moving forward that is how we will keep our general meetings productive, informative and hopefully fun. Anyone who has an idea for entertainment at future meetings I would love to hear and discuss them. 


During our last meeting, we talked about loading boats after tournaments. If someone has a reason they need to leave quickly (graduation, Bar Mitzvah, communion, wife’s giving birth, etc, ...) please see myself or George before the tournament starts and we will do our best to get you out of the water first, otherwise let’s try and let some of the older gentleman packed up first. I’m sure our help in this matter will be appreciated and someday God willing we might need the help ourselves.   


Thanks again, and I hope to see you at the Earl GlassHagel! 




The President's Line
by President Tom Jermyn

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