Upper Mills: completed

Upper Mills Pond is one of a series of shallow dammed ponds along the Peconic River. It is 60 acres in size and is located approximately 3 miles downstream of the Long Island Expressway (LIE). The dam was constructed to provide power for a woolen mill. About 75 years ago, a small power plant generated electricity at the site. Historically, tons of ice were harvested from the pond before refrigerators became common place in the American home. Today, however, the dam has no functional purpose. However, the pond made by the backed-up water has created a wonderful warm water fishery.

Upper Mills Pond has many opportunities for the angler. As one looks upstream from the dam, the north side of the river (right side) is developed with residential housing. There are several docks and lots of overhanging trees to challenge the angler. The south side of the river (left side) is more of a swampy area, with plenty of lily pads and wetland vegetation to hold fish. As you make your way upstream (if you have a boat), the pond narrows down and eventually becomes riverine in nature. Plenty of trees line this section of the pond/river, so bring your tree fishing gear!

So, what can you catch? Upper Mills Pond has a typical warm water fish community, including largemouth bass, chain pickerel, bluegill, pumpkinseed, black crappie, yellow perch, white perch and carp. Take your choice of species to target or try to see how many species you can catch in one day; it's all up to you! The pond holds many trophy sized fish, so be prepared with a camera in case you get a chance to tussle with one.

To get to Upper Mills Pond, take the LIE to Route 25 (exit 72) going east. Drive east on Route 25 approximately 2.1 miles. When you see the Snowflake Ice Cream Shop on the left side (north) of the road, make a right down the dead-end street. There will be a DEC Fishing Access Area on the left side of the dead-end road. You can launch your boat from the dam.

Winner: Danny Healy 12.31 lbs
Winning Boater: Danny Healy 12.31 lbs
Winning Rider: Dave Cangro 3.64 lbs
Lunker: Jon Casale 5.13 lbs

Time: 5am-1pm
Type: Largemouth and smallmouth bass
Motor size: Electric
Size limit: 12 inches
5 fish per man

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